Probably the softest and most comfortable thing in the world besides bunnies.
School would be a much better place if everyone wore sweatpants instead of jeans that are either too tight or so loose that their underwear is showing.
by Neva McNelly October 21, 2012
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Pants that are worn in subzero temperatures and are usually made from 100% cotton (because it absorbs sweat). The best ones have elastic at the waistband and ankles.
It's 37 below, where are my sweatpants at?
by Erath January 23, 2013
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guys who never wear pants other than sweatpants EVER. its like ok your not playing a sport or going to the gym, buy a pair of pants. its not like sweatpants are cheap either! ok we get it you didnt make the baseball team but get over it the coach isn't watching you anymore. they are also guys so obsesed over sports they dont notice their girlfriends' are waiting for ass.
GUY 1: so how are things with u and (girl) going?
SWEATPANTS: i dont really know if were going out anymore
GUY 2: did she break up with u?
SWEATPANTS: uh....i don't really did you see the game last night?
by suvug June 28, 2006
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worn to bed by some. continually ride up during the night, so when you wake up they are shorts...some prefer to do the ever so popular "drag leg" either way they are a pain.
"those fucking sweatpants!"
by s.r.r. January 29, 2008
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the preferred article of clothing by people who like to wear little smiles t-shirts and black sweaters/sweatshirts
she likes to wear her black sweatpants and black sweater. it is very fancy. that is her normal uniform. see what not to wear
by jennyfah March 4, 2008
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The pants that you should wear when you hang with your girl;)
Girlfriend:"You should comeover today, oh and wear your grey sweatpants"
by FBGMx2 March 13, 2016
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If a guy wears Grey sweatpants you can see his d**k.
Rachel: did you know jake is wearing grey sweatpants?

Sally: Really, omg I want to see!
by Illuminate 74759485 April 6, 2017
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