Swathy is an Indian name (girl) of Sanskrit origin. It has several meanings.

Swathy is the name of a star - one of the 27 constellations in ancient Indian astrology.
Swathy is one of the wive's of Hindu deity Surya (Sun god).
Swathy also means sword.

Swathy can also be spelt Swati, Swathi, Svati... etc
Look at her isn't she looking as bright as Swathy.

He was born in Swati / Swathy constellation.

Her name is Swathy and she was born in Swati constellation.
by sruni June 4, 2010
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A person (Usually an IT Engineer) who disregards anyones feelings when it comes to advising on their current equipment.
Client - Excuse me young sir, I have this 486 that i want to use as our new VPN server.
Swathy Engineer - For fuck sake you daft cunt, dont you know that all your IT is completely Funcking Shite?
Client - But I've bought it from you last week!
Swathy Engineer - No you didn't you big fat gay liar.
by Gerald Bigcock January 8, 2004
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A cute, caring, sweet, and sensitive girl. She truly cares about others and loves to give advice. She's upbeat and fun-loving. She never forgets, but forgives. She doesn't trust easily and tries her best to please others. She beautiful and different. She is also strong.
Person 1- That girl is so sweet!
Person 2- Probably a swathi
by Stating the truth January 18, 2012
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The hottest girl, which justifies her self obsession, very smart and attractive!
Dude 1: Yo check out that chick. she's smokin' hot!
Dude 2: Yeah totally must be a Swathi!
by Doofenschmirtz May 15, 2011
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Shreyas: Hey swathi can I sit here?
Swathi: No umar is sitting here.
Shreyas: U are such a swathi.
by Shreyasnake February 1, 2019
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My name is Swathi
by $wat$ November 25, 2021
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Coconut/Oyster loving Karanataka freak, always pulling a gay smile, eating $20 fruit bowls, and verifying if guys are getting a Towhid.
Girl 1: Hey girl, look at that freak, I think he has a Towhid?
Girl 2: How do you know?
Girl 1: Coz I am a Swathi!
by Fishlovers101 June 21, 2009
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