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A cute, caring, sweet, and sensitive girl. She truly cares about others and loves to give advice. She's upbeat and fun-loving. She never forgets, but forgives. She doesn't trust easily and tries her best to please others. She beautiful and different. She is also strong.
Person 1- That girl is so sweet!
Person 2- Probably a swathi
by Stating the truth January 17, 2012
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The hottest girl, which justifies her self obsession, very smart and attractive!
Dude 1: Yo check out that chick. she's smokin' hot!
Dude 2: Yeah totally must be a Swathi!
by Doofenschmirtz May 15, 2011
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Coconut/Oyster loving Karanataka freak, always pulling a gay smile, eating $20 fruit bowls, and verifying if guys are getting a Towhid.
Girl 1: Hey girl, look at that freak, I think he has a Towhid?
Girl 2: How do you know?
Girl 1: Coz I am a Swathi!
by Fishlovers101 June 21, 2009
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