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N:Swank'er: A hipster who is drunk, but is too hip to admit they're drunk, hence they refer to themselves in the swank manner, as "Still cool."

V: To swank: The act of a hipster being drunk, yet playing it cool.

Adj: Swank: Used to describe someone of the hipster type, as drunk but trying to play it cool.
Examples of Base "Swank" and its forms in use.

N: "Look at that swanker, he is obviously drunk and should return to his studio apartment before embarrassing himself further.

V: "Play it down bro, no more beer, I am swanking as it is."

Adj: "Yeah she was a swank woman, playing it all cool and then proceeding to vomit on my mittens."
by Snoth October 23, 2011
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Also known as a she wanker! Most often times a slut in denial. Will often woo attractive guys, solely for the purpose of sexual pleasure and gratification, but withhold sex for ridiculously long periods in order to 'date' them, and convince herself she is not a whore. That given the relationship is always escalating without merit.
Dude: I'm getting married to that Turkish Girl next week!
Real Bro: Are you crazy, you just met yesterday, and only kissed once!
Dude: This one is different!
Real Bro: I had a three way with her two days ago! She's a swanker!
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by GuyFawks January 08, 2017
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