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Very different and loving, thick asf, the best person you'll meet. Goes through many things still has time to make others happy. A taniya is one of a kind never loose her. Any guy be lucky to date her she puts others first and has a bright future. She's incredibly gorgeous, weird, funny, different in the best way. Taniya's can fight but they choose not to. They are stubborn don't push their buttons and if you do run for your life. They are kinda crazy but only because they truly love you..they are very adorable. Taniya's are one of a kind !!!!
Don't mess with taniya she will hurt you

Dammnn you see her with the big ass, and hot..that must be a taniya

Have you ever dated her she's amazing i wish i could get her back.
by Taniyas June 19, 2017
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A hyper girl with an odd personality. Sometimes they try to be different just to be different and can be extremely competitive and braggy, but always try their hardest and if you play your cards right, can be a amazingly loyal friend.
"Taniya's been driving be crazy lately. She's so annoying and won't just be the bigger person for once and back down!"

"Same, but she stood up for you the other day. We should give her a break."
by smorest May 26, 2014
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toniyas are very bitchy they start to loose all tere hair at a yyoung age. they orginall cam from underground caves in etherland many peoplle belive they were raiseed by bats. taniyas favorkte snackare bugs. being raised in caves, they have had no cotat wit the outside or sun, so they are always sqinting their eyes... like bitches
hey do you have any floss?
yea , why?
I need to hide from my taniya
by robert J huffman April 23, 2018
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