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An individual who follows a questionable moral code.

Blames others for their short comings.

Colloquially known as a 'twat'.
'Barry, stop shitting in the sink, you swanage.'

'Only a true swanage would honk at my friends like that. It's everywhere. Fucking swanage.'

'Did I ever tell you about the five fs?'

'Yes, you did Matthew, now please stop it, you dirty swanage.'
by bareswanage420 October 12, 2016
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A presence of superior self-belief / Ego. Derived from the movement of the bird, "the swan".

Can be used with current behaviour in the form of "Swanning"
He had a serious amount of swannage yesterday.

He was swanning around the place like he owned it.

by deepgrooves October 17, 2003
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