A New England redneck typically from Connecticut but can also be from Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusettes.

Swamp Yankees are charachterized as "salt of the earth" folk with good common sense, skilled with tools and building, clever speakers who reject modern trends, typically hunt or fish and have no problems eating squirrel or possum. They can be seen in old general stores, driving old pickup trucks, farming and wearing one piece overalls.
The term is used as an insult to those from urban areas but much like the "n" word it is used as a term of endearment and jest amongst other Swamp Yankees.
Did you see the huge tires he put on that crappy old truck....it's only Connecticut, what a swamp yankee!

Every spring old Joe the swamp yankee opens up the general store in podunk Connecticut for those wanna be hunter yuppies from the city.
by Sola Destrola April 27, 2010
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1. New England trailer trash or northern redneck. 2. Someone whose family has been in America for generations (several of which may actually reside together) but has never gotten off the ground, couch, or smack long enough to build a functional family or become a redeeming member of society.
I immediately noticed the unmistakable scent of pot after the swamp yankee drove by me in his rusty Dodge Monaco with a rotting muffler.
by Pete Vegas January 25, 2005
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A term used to negatively describe old families in small New England towns that have three defining characteristics: taciturn, unemotional and cheap.
That swamp yankee owns the whole damn town and jacked up the rents on the buildings so high that no one can afford to operate a business on Main Street anymore.
by Banana899 April 16, 2019
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A New England version of a redneck. Typically from rural southern New England. Though not all are, Swamp Yankees are heavily concentrated in Windham County, CT, and southern Worcester County, MA (the swamp Yankee part of Worcester County is basically a triangle, with one corner at the southern end of Worcester, one in Sturbridge, and one in Milford). They are similar in many ways to rednecks, though are only slightly racist (as compared to very racist rednecks). They can't pronounce the letter R unless it's before a vowel. True Swamp Yankees are a dying breed. They used to be found all over New England but are pretty much only found now in Windham County, CT, and Southern Worcester County, MA.
If you drive on I-395 between Norwich and Worcester, you'll be driving through Swamp Yankee country
by Xxxxxxxxfanboyxxxxxxxxxx January 29, 2022
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