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northern rednecks are special. coming from the north they are if anything a more backwoods people. northern rednecks enjoy dippin, smokin, drinkin, muddin, fishin and huntin and things of that nature. northern rednecks in my experience and being one tend to be more racist and dont think nothin of it. by the way there are alot of rednecks in places like pennsylvania and ohio and love copenhagen and pabst blue ribbon. (lord knows I do)
(northern redneck1) Hey will you wanna go drift the tractor in the snow?
(northern redneck 2) Hell yea but i gotta go get a can of cope first.
by rebelman95 December 09, 2010
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The same as southern rednecks, maybe just a little less raciest. Usually live in small towns, not the city.
Southern rednecks:(visits a small town in the north) Wow! I didn't know there were rednecks in the north! They are just like us! I like them now!

Northern redneck : HELL YEAH!
Everyone: Lets get drunk!!! YAY!
by Erkle bill joe September 23, 2010
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A hard-working white person or just an unsophisticated white person that possesses one or many of the characteristics and qualities of their counterparts that live in the South.
The differences are:
1.) They talk with Northern/Midwestern accents and don't say y'all as much or they don't say it at all.
2.) Some Northern rednecks (but nowhere near all of them) tend to be more racist than southern rednecks.
3.) Don't engage in "redneck sports" like muddin' and hog calling, unless it's in the lower regions of the North, such as southern Indiana or northern/northwestern Kentucky. Northern Rednecks have their own sports like snow mobile riding, hubcap discus throwing (but that also exists in some parts in the South), and ice fishing.
4.) Though also a stereotype as with all rednecks or anyone else that doesn't support Kerry or ultra-liberal ideas, most (but not all) of Northern rednecks are Republicans and/or strong Bush-supporters. Also, they are also very patriotic about their nation and their soldiers. That is NOT a bad thing at all.
In short, Northern rednecks are good and awesome people in my opinion.
I am a local of northern Kentucky with Indiana and Michigan influence (family, local music of that area, etc.) I have a nasal "twang" accent of Indiana and the Upper Midwest. Also, I am a loyal Bush Supporter and a devout Republican. Therefore, I am a Northern Redneck.
by The Kentucky Yankee December 07, 2004
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A term used for people that act like rednecks, but are from a metropolitan area in the north.

A term used in high school to define a clique of students who wear cut-off t-shirts, cowboy boots, drive banged up trucks and sometimes tractors to school, and talk with a southern accent when they're clearly not from the south.
"The South will rise again!" Lives in Indiana.

The northern rednecks are outside revving up their trucks and blaring Rascall Flats. I hate those guys.
by brocknobama October 02, 2013
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