A swagmaster is someone who has so much swag that it is almost unbearable, they have the greatest amount of swagger possible to mankind, and it is very rare to see one. IF you do happen to come across a swagmaster, be respectful!! if you arent, him&his possy will overpower you with their swag. and you dont want that to happen.
kelly: "yeah so i was like he-"
swagmaster: *sup nod*
kelly&melanie: "oh... my... god. we were just acknowledged by the swagmaster."
by ohheyyitsmee. March 5, 2011
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In polite society, whoever you're talking to.

Its usage in this definition originated amongst the youth in the more affluent suburbs of South-West London, who had influence from the more urban neighbouring north-western and south-eastern suburbs of London whilst retaining a posh-like standard.
A: Where is Swagmaster going now?
B: I'm going to dat house party on t'High Street, innit?

A: Does Swagmaster need to know the bus times?
B: Nah, bruv, d'as on my iPhone, like.

A: Safe, can Swagmaster wait two minutes?
B: Arrgh, man, d'as bare long, doe!
by Trouvemonde August 21, 2014
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The Swagmaster is the title given to anybody who maintains an extremely high level of swagger. (S)he must have an extremely high level of arrogance and confidence and be able to walk the walk and talk the talk. He is universally recognized by all who can comprehend the true definition of swag.
Matt : "Yo whats up Swagmasterr!"
*Swagmaster walks by wearing his shades and hat and gives a slight nod of recognition that he is friends with the person but also is too cool to spend more than 2 seconds locked in eye contact*
by Masteryster July 13, 2013
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A selfless nobody who epitomizes himself as a 'master' for wearing his hat backwards and wearing his sweat pants low so that we can see his rear and saying idiotic and unsophisticated phrases such as "swag," and "yolo," as well as speaking and pronouncing words in a way nobody can understand. Calling oneself a "swagmaster" is the most selfless thing one can do, and is among the primary reasons our generation is "screwed."
"Swagmaster": Sup dawg! Yo I got the illest shit ever!
"Normal person": Dude. If you're going to speak to my, annunciate the words correctly. And pull up your damn pants; you look like a complete moron.
by ourgenerationisindanger March 4, 2014
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Slang for rough gay sex, commonly used by males who are fond of video games.
“Hey man, wanna hop on Swagmasters us later?”
“Sure, I just have to wait until I get back home goes to sleep
by swagmaster pro June 19, 2021
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A usually teenage male who hangs out in his basement playing games all day but thinks he is a sex bomb
Girl 1: OMG!!! Evan is such a swagmaster
Girl: Ya. I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by JEWSUS CHRIS April 18, 2018
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