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1. The swag tag ($) is a tag like the hash tag (#) used on twitter and facebook, and is used to indicate that you have a massive amount of swag.

2. The swag tag ($) is one more than a hash tag (#)
Kurtis: $YOLO

Sally: Wow he has a HUGE amount of swag

Heather: (Swoon)

Kurtis: That's right ladies, I know how to use the swag tag
by 2MuchSwag June 29, 2013
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1) (common) swag preceded by a hashtag, as seen on twitter

2) (archaic) a game in which friends pass around figurative swag in hopes of attracting bitches
1) Hung out with BasedGod all day. #SWAG.

2) I have this dope 'preme, but Tyler's got it cuz he's tryna get with this white bitch. He gave it to Earl for his bitch tho, so I'm still tryna get it back. Enough swagtag.
by H Fizzzzz April 14, 2011
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when a person starts a style and the style catches on with everyone else
person 1:man your gear is fly
person 2:i know this is swag tag material
by yung'n'savge95 November 10, 2009
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A lanyard with a clip on it holding keys or other possessions. Worn with the lanyard hanging out off your pocket. Often used to rep a sports team or college. The longer the lanyard hangs out of your pocket, the more swag you have.
Student 1: I heard you got your drivers license!!

Student 2: Yea so now i can rock my keys on a swag tag!

Student: I can decide to rep Penn State or the Flyers on my swag tag

Student: Longer tag=More Swag!!
by DJSCHWAZAY May 26, 2011
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A game that originated in Fort Bend ISD's Hightower High School in Missouri City, Texas. It's original creators created it in their Economics class in 2011.
That new game Swag Tag is so tight!
I heard Mason Seymour doesn't get sick anymore because he plays Swag Tag! He has only missed one day!
by Swaggin_Taggin September 22, 2011
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when people post online and tag something using a # sign.
commonly seen on twitter and sometimes facebook.
1) damn all these bitches mug me when they see me kickin it with mah boi #haters!

2) living it up in cancun ! #lifesgood

3) why these nigguhs be swag taggin on facebook?! this aint twitter yo!
by money m@ker July 19, 2011
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Just as the name foreshadows, a SwagTag is a combination of Swag and Hashtag. Essentially, a hashtag, with swag.
"Yo, dude, did you see his SwagTag from last night?!"
"Homie be keepin' it real".
by thatinsomniacguy13 July 17, 2013
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