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Swag Daddy is an online retail site for products and content appealing to guys who are leaders amongst their peers. defines a Swag Daddy as follows: “Deriving from ancient Greco-Roman roots, a Swag Daddy refers to someone who is responsible for the creation of a style/swag.
“Look at Joe reppin’ a pair of Wiley X Black Ops Sunglasses! What a swag daddy!!”
by January 07, 2015
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when someone is responsible for the creation of a style/swag
Brett Lamb: Look at Colonel Saunders repping a pair of ray bans what a swag daddy!!

Matt: i heard that don, Amen Brother Genuine swag daddy
by mattthonnas January 18, 2012
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This is a group created by 5 UPSM-MS students who are savages.They have a musically, instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube channel. Follow and subscribe to it or they will find you and......... you know the rest.🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄
Let’s do the Swag Daddies hand shake!
The Swag Daddies are savage.
You can’t be apart af the Swag Daddies beca
by Unicorn Reaper May 06, 2018
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The sexiest motherfucker you will ever meet in your life. A Swag Daddy is funny, cool, and fun to talk and hang out with. They are classy & have many women interested in them. They are the ultimate lady's man. Swag Daddy's bodies are like the bodies of the Gods. They have super big dicks & very sexually passionate. They might be assholes or tease you but once you get to know them they tend to be very caring. They swag everything out. Swag daddy's don't tend to be in relationships because they are picky when it comes to women, but once they are, they make your life swagged out & amazing.
Friend: Hey Michele it's a swag daddy!
Michele: Omg I love me a swag daddy!

Friend: You better get him!
Michele: He can be my swag papi! I'm so aroused & thirsty! Swag daddy quench my thirst! I love you swag daddy!
by Hoodninja December 03, 2014
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There can be up to 10 people in this group called the Swagdaddies. There can be girls or boys but they are all savages. They are the most popular and cutest at their school..
by fcgdtghfhmk May 06, 2018
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a cool person, nicknamed by a large group of people, for being swaggy where usually people of that type wouldn't be so.
Student: Wow, Mr. Flude the maths teacher is the biggest swag daddy out!
Student 2: I know, right.
by DemiDoge August 21, 2014
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Eshay lads dad, gives him stones of money for tommy, nautica and culture kings spending sprees. Is 73 years old. Has the big gay stage 3
Dude: Hey Fin your dad is a swagdaddy!
Fin: Shut up brah or ill curbstomp ya feel
by yungLONZOball March 06, 2018
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