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A fun and loving person. Usually smiles for no reason. A great listener and a great friend who would do anything to maintain the peace.
by megareader November 23, 2011
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Sury is the name of a girl who is really funny, kind, loyal, and hot. She is the best friend she will be the best friend you ever have and should be happy to know her. She also is very cautious about things and doesn't like to become friends just anyone. Something goes for the people she dates. If she ever likes you or you date a Sury be happy it will be the best person you can ever date. Not only because of all of her character traits but her beauty
Boy : Woah who's that
Boy 2 : oh that's Sury she's so hot right I know dam I'd kill to be with her fine ass
by Guess,guess,guess January 07, 2018
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Sury is a girl that is so sweet and beautiful. She is the best friend you could ever have and she is loyal. Loyal in every kind of relationship she won't talk shit beside ur back she's say it to ur face. Never underestimate a Sury because you always should be excepting something from her crazy-ass and fun personality. She doesn't like to just throw herself to every guy too, so if you ever date a Sury everyone will be jealous of you. Her beautiful catches everyone's eyes and her great personality everyone loves. Also if you date a Sury you guys shouldn't be the on and off couple. But you guys will be the couple that stays together for a long time and you should appreciate that. If you have the chance to date a Sury you are one of the luckiest people in the word. And wait until you kiss what a great kisser it's all you'll think.
Guy: check her out damn she's hot

Guy 2: I know right damn that ass tho

Guy3: I think her name is Sury
by Guess,guess,guess April 23, 2018
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Sury - A Person who cannot stop masturbating and smears the jizz all over their face, screaming IM A BIG KID NOW!
Hey man, my 18 year old is a sury! *sad face*
by Doughlicious August 19, 2011
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she is cumless twig aka a person who is really pale and skinny like a dick on a sunday
oh cunt she is a sury
by qwertyuio123456789uygfdw3e4r5t February 19, 2019
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