When 5 or more guys stand around a girl and fart in her face while she masturbates, or 5 girls queef while a man masturbates. This also applies to guy on guy and girl on girl action.
I was in the middle of a surround sound last night and when the last guy farted I came so hard.
by Kinko's September 30, 2010
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1. A facetious term used in relation to a grand national knob jockey or more specifically a collection said jockeys.
2. When in the company of a grate bunch a lads one can say they are surrounded by soundness.
1. Hank: Your man is Rale Sound ha Harry?
Harry: Ah sthop he's Surround Sound.

2. Hank: There's a grate bunch a lads in here, eh?
Harry: Ara shtop would ya Hankeen, tis Surround Sound.
by Horsebox February 19, 2007
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playing all of the tv sets in the house on the same program really loud to achieve the surround sound experience.
Hey Juan turn up the tv in the garage and kitchen, moms tv is louder. its messing with my mexican surround sound.
by Hecta_son March 15, 2011
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n. When you are watching a tv program in one room, and another person is watching the same program in another room; and you can hear their tv and yours, playing the same thing.
room 1 is watching channel 64, room 2 is also watching channel 64.
"Hey mom, I can hear your tv."
"I can hear yours too."
"Haha, sounds like we have ghetto surround sound."
by Mr. Thornberry June 7, 2009
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when rednecks tune all the TVs in their double wide to Blue Collar Comedy Tour and turn up the speakers so that they hear the sound coming from all over the trailer
I couldn't afford tickets to see Larry the Cable Guy live, so I ended up kicking back with a case of Budweiser and watching it in hillbilly surround sound.

I heard that the new Deliverance remaster on Blu-ray is going to feature full hillbilly surround sound.
by Dack Jymond May 7, 2011
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Surround sound made from scavenged parts of other stereos/soundsystems with a jimmy-rigged base unit

Usually not functional as actual surround sound but loud as hell and subject to spasms in connections resulting in horrible loud sounds
Pirate - Hey you coming over to watch the Matrix this weekend?

Mark - No way man, last time your shipwreck surround sound made spasticated tuba sounds all night and we had to keep stopping the film to adjust the cables. And you don't understand the Matrix like I do, no one does
by JanitorJo July 5, 2011
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When you have vibrators in all four of your pockets. One on either side and one in the back pockets.
A: Hey does anyone else hear a lot of buzzing?
B: Oh yeah that's just my surround sound, don't worry about it
by denny! May 1, 2018
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