A crazy mother fucker that doesn't like cool shit
Bob is a weird guy he doesn't like his dick sucked
by Mr💯 June 20, 2017
The kind of weird motherfucker that is so odd it makes you want to kiss them and fall in love and live together happily forever. It's likely that even thinking about your "weird guy ;)" makes you blush and kick your legs and maybe squeal like a fag
oh yeah he's such a.... weird guy... ;) its kinda attractive....
by whyamiattractedtoweirdguys February 28, 2022
When you are fixing something with tools, such as a car, or household project, and you work on it well past when it's either completely broken or completely fixed, and get mad if anyone tries to help you
"Bruh, why the fuck don't we have a front door? You got fuckin white guy weird again didn't you? Fuck, man."

Not to be confused with white boy weird
by benjaminblanco July 3, 2021