Bender's super hero name after joining The New Justice Team. He has no real powers, but he's a robot so that makes up for it of course. They had to steal the gemerald to give to the Zookeeper so Leela's parents wouldn't be killed
Super King is not ammused.
by Heroic Ling Ling November 25, 2004
Being of not only pure royal blood, but also possesing numerous super human powers and abilitys far beyond the mental comprehension of mortal peasants.
All hail the mighty Super King!
by Super King September 21, 2003
Most consistent team in IPL with most win percentage and with a mastermind as its single captain for the past 12 years. With 10 knockouts, 8 finals they are the best when it comes to consistency. The team with highest fanbase all over india.
IPL is a league where 7 teams fight against each other to play against CSK in the Finals. Chennai super kings.....
by RKSK September 16, 2020
The only team which is jealous of Mumbai Indians. They were banned by bcci for two years but doesn't accept they are bigger fixers.

Kalo mat barabari karo.
Chennai super kings team is the biggest fixers of ipl
by Andrew 1022 April 9, 2021
a mysterious item found in the Afro-Ninja escape series #2.5, aka. OMG Scary Room

it vaguely resembles a bow, except for launching "phallic objects"
Dude I was playing this escape game last night and one of the items was this weird bow-looking thing that shoots dildos, they called it a Super Omega King Kamehameha Phallic Object Launcher
by lites_out January 11, 2011
Super King Cow Baby is a nickname for So Junghwan and So Junghwan only.
If you use it for anyone else I will haunt your dreams and you'd be living your worst nightmare.
So Junghwan,is our Super King Cow Baby and we love him with all our our heart
by jikjin May 1, 2022