Usually, it's not the "quiet guy" as some may suggest, but rather it's the person who rambles on, and on, and on, and on, talking about what ever interests him, instead of making conversation a two way endeavor. Rarley does this person ever take the time out to ask a question about what you, like, but rather continues rambling on about their life. Boring types may not always show these qualities, but are usually people who lack charisma or charm. Boring also includes people who rarley have anything positive to say regarding other people, but instead ramble on and on about how people have done them wrong, or talk about the flaws of others. Mistaken are people who lable "private," or soft-spoken types as boring, as these people, often can smell out those who are just being nosy, have hidden agendas, and don't really want to get to know them.
Person A: That quiet girl is SUCH a boring person. Ugh, like everything is so one-sided!
Person B: Are you sure she dosen't think YOU'RE boring? It sounds like you talked her head off, some people take more effort to get to know because people can be so shady.
by Aparaceu July 1, 2016
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You. You're so bored to the point where you start looking up what you are. Classy.
I'm so bored! I should just go to Urban Dictionary and start looking up bored person!
by SoupIsGoodForYourSoul December 10, 2016
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someone who has no personality traits at all and is just kinda the guy in the friend group who doesn't exist and theirs probably a chat without him, his probably a Lucina main, and his favorite food is potatoes. nobody really speaks to him cause theirs no reason to.
bro you main Lucina how lame you're such a boring person
by Snakfan January 18, 2021
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