Someone who emphasizes on their Jewish religion in life and other things.
That Rabbi Mordechai is one helluva Super Jew!
by Zak June 5, 2003
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Super Jew is the king of the universe and the only hope for America in dark economic times. With his giant money-sniffing nose and his trusty sidekick Super Negro, Super Jew will find new sources of wealth and growth that will sustain America for decades to come.
Person 1 to Person 2: Wassup y'all. How come Super Negro is lazing around all day collecting welfare?

Person 2: That's just how Super Negro is yo. He's the King of the Negros after all. Don't worry, Super Jew will be here soon and force that lazy Super Negro to do some work in order to save America.
by Mighty Israel March 12, 2009
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a person who gets circumcised twice due to the first failing
dave :"I have to get a second circumcision because the first failed"
jack: "That must make you a super jew"
by double circumcision March 9, 2019
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The greatest hero of all time. As all the powers of the stereotypical Jew, only on steroids. His main weapons are six pointed ninja stars. Real name is Zach.
Super Jew is awesome incarnate.
by Zach and Andrew December 4, 2007
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Wow that kid is crazy...he's a super jew!!

Jew (tm) fine is $1,000,000
by Just Jew It (tm) July 26, 2011
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To return to the cookie tray two sides of an Oreo Cookie (with no filling) for someone else to take, while enjoying you newly created extra filled Oreo.
J: While chewing the fillingless cookie "Did you put those two sides together and put it back in the tray?!"
M: "Yes! You got hit with the super jew double bluff!"
by SHM December 10, 2007
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