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Super Cool is the codename for the popular drug used in "Upright Citizens Brigade" wherein everyone is hooked on super cool. aka Pixie Sticks.
So you punks think you're cool 'cause you do super-cool? EhHEHhehHEHh
by Indio June 25, 2005
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by AxonL July 20, 2021
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A very, very dangerous drug that is spreading all over america.
"Brandon got busted by the cops for trafficking SuperCool"
by UCB January 12, 2004
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A phrase used often describing something that is awesome , and exceeds the defintion of just cool.
by Rob Is taF March 27, 2010
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New, hipster word for really really cool, as in James Bond. Sleek, modern, sexy, new or fabulous. Can be used for anything by anyone, emo, goth, prep, punk, and of course those deck hipsters.
"That movie wasn't just cool. It was super-cool."
"Totally blew my mind, man."

by fabulous/innapropriate November 22, 2005
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A cigarette, usually marijuana, laced with pcp.
Malcolm: Zounds, Terence, what type of tobacco is this?
Terence: You're smoking supercool, my unwitting young friend. Now please go into the 7-11 and purchase a package of Salems.
by petraglyphic November 23, 2005
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So cool that you surpass coolness into Supercoolness.
That Joey guy is supercool!
by Joey McSuperCool February 04, 2005
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