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Something person, place, thing that is nice or good.
"Oh wow your jacket is really sleek. I need that to go with my stylish sleek shoes."
by Sleek July 28, 2015
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1) Sleeker than slick.
2) Austrlian rapper on show "Pizza"
by Broman June 10, 2003
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1. Sleek= Mouse + Bagdad. See Iraq, insane,poor judgment, and Mitt Romney.

2. (N) The guy in the group who will run you over with his car, drop 300 dollars playing 25/50c poker, show off his 4 inch knife, send everyone you know a computer virus, then have a 3 some with Phil in the back of a van with some chick.

Zach:I heard Sleek was going to Iraq.
Ben:Ya same. I also heard he had a three-some with Phil
Zach:Ya,that's hella poor judgment.
Ben:Kinda like eating out a stripper.
by DJLSAT March 10, 2008
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Originated a conversation with my 13 year old sister, who claimed that at her school (Newstead Wood), people were either "slags", "neeks" or "all right." Or they were neeks who were also slags- a common stereotype of the Newsteadians, perpetrated by people lacking two brain cells to rub together. I then started to jokingly call her a slag as per usual, then the wondrous juxtaposition of a word struck me- sleek. Someone who is both a slag AND a neek. I rather like it.
That girl's such a sleek, did you hear about her and her lab partner?
by SleekingOut November 03, 2011
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Slut+Geek=Slutty Geek or Sleek
She's a Slut but she is a geek.

So a sleek?
by Sleeky April 26, 2016
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