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A rock song by Irish Band U2, in protest of British presense in N. Ireland.

Also, a title given for an incident when 29 people in an apparent peace rally were killed by British paratroopers.
Guy 1: Man, that song 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' really strikes a chord!
Guy 2: Yeah, that song is U2's protest against stuck-up Britons.
by Macphisto May 27, 2006
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When you have a pool party and a girl wears her dirty maxi-pad while in the pool. Allows it to get completely soggy, then continues to wear it the rest of the day and sleeps in it at night for the slumber party.
Man, it was Sunday Bloody Sunday when Lizabeth wore her dirty wet soggy pad in April's pool then went to sleep in her sleeping bag.
by Soda Pop2 August 26, 2008
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