Louies, fan of Louis Tomlinson, call their idol "sun". C'mon. That man is the walking sun. the DEFINITION of sun. He lights up everyone's lives. His smile is a ray of sunshine. You cannot tell us otherwise. The people who hate on him are the same ones who hate summer season but love kharif crops
Louis is the sun of our lives.
by SmolLou October 30, 2020
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A big useless ball of fire that is ironically flying in the air/ bomb
Me: what’s that in the sky?
Friend: a ball of fire

Friend 2: know as a bomb

Friends: or. The sun
by Is this true September 24, 2019
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A deadly laser but not anymore there is a blanket.
fish:"hey can we go on land"
The sun is a deadly laser
fish"oh ok"
Not anymore theres a blanket
by WaluigiBot December 18, 2019
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A super nova/star that has a solar system. It helps heats the planets every day as we speak
The sun is a deadly lazer.
via giphy
by Shibeq May 28, 2017
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In ireland it's a signal to stop what you're doing and make you're way to the nearist beer garden

Somewhat or a bat signal for the sesh
by Dermott_mcg March 20, 2017
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