NASA is a liar. They said the sun is a billion years old but the sun was born on February 18, 1994 and his name is Jhope.
Sun aka Jhope: *smiles*
The universe: *gets brighter*
by isneezedtypingthis March 26, 2019
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Louis Tomlinson is the human version of the sun. His smile and personality light up the whole world and he's just genuinely kind and caring person. We should all thank God for his existence.
"Look at his smile. It warms everyone around him. Just like the sun."
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by Shortwalls May 03, 2020
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To unzip your fly and expose your genitals to someone as a sick joke,especially the male genitals. Also,as a noun,the exposed penis. Modeled on moon used to mean exposing the bare rump.
Kenny,Kevin,Jim,Jamie,Matt,Matt,Robert,Bill,Tom,Uriah,Harun,Harold,Harvey,Hayden,Jason,Ulysees,Fargo and Theo all enjoy sunning people. Such jerks and sickos!
"Oh,come on,little boy! We're not sunning you! We're only showing you where piss comes from!" exclaimed football jocks David,Greg,and Mel,as they unzipped their flies and exposed their penes,or suns. They really were sunning the little boy.
by JMC70 October 21, 2017
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A big useless ball of fire that is ironically flying in the air/ bomb
Me: what’s that in the sky?
Friend: a ball of fire

Friend 2: know as a bomb

Friends: or. The sun
by Is this true September 24, 2019
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A deadly laser but not anymore there is a blanket.
fish:"hey can we go on land"
The sun is a deadly laser
fish"oh ok"
Not anymore theres a blanket
by WaluigiBot December 18, 2019
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A super nova/star that has a solar system. It helps heats the planets every day as we speak
The sun is a deadly lazer.
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by Shibeq May 28, 2017
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