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A boring-ass town of about 100,000 people. near Kansas City, Missouri. 50% white, 30% black, 20% Mexican. Almost nothing to do, so most of the kids do drugs/drink. The main attractions are :snore: a waterpark, a bowling alley, skate rink, and some restaurants....mostly suburbia. Lees Summit Highschool and Lees Summit North are rivals, West is just kinda there. All the kids think they're gangster...but they aren't, just because they live in Lees Summit.
Kid 1: yo, I just got high last weekend, I'm so gangsta.
Kid 2: dude, you aren't gangster, you live in Lee's Summit.

Kid 1: oh yeah...:goes to hang out at lame skate rink:
by Ihateithere... March 01, 2010
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A shitty town near Kansas City Missouri. The only things to do are eat at a shitty Mexican restaurant (that's all we have) and go to an bullshit "water park" that has 2 slides and a piece of shit lazy river. All the kids smoke weed and vape. Lees Summit high school is the shittiest, lees summit north is just there but Lees Summit west is the shit. Also you can go to a gay ass 50 year old skate rink where there is cum all over the shitters and the urinals have weed in them. Plus there's 85 fast food restaurants and a shitty downtown w a 100 year old Dairy Queen
Guy- man Lee's Summit sucks a black cock
Girl- you can go smoke weed behind the fuck ass shitty Mexican restaurant
by Fukkboi6996 September 03, 2017
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