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A term derived from prison to describe the action of concealing an object up ones anal cavity.
To avoid getting caught, Johnny was suitcasing his glass dick before the cops arrived.
by Muffy Julian June 20, 2010
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The act of stuffing dismembered body parts of a murder victim into a suitcase in order to transport them from the scene of a crime to a dump site.

The phrase was commonly used in media discussion regarding the purported murder of a Thai bargirl by ex-US military sex-pat Ronald Fanelli (known by the aliases 'NewTeaBag' and 'The Mad Yank').
After he date-raped and killed the woman, William Francheschine avoided police detection by suitcasing her and transporting her to a nearby swamp where he unashamedly left her mutilated corpse to be eaten by scavengers.
by [phill] August 30, 2010
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Verb. The action of ejaculating into one's rectum then proceeding to pack the entirety of their shirt into their semen-filled anus and allowing it to dry, effectively becoming a solid seal.
1. After a night of aggressive anal sex with Larry, Steve decided it would be a funny idea to suitcase him.

2. After 35 minutes of aggressive suitcasing by his partner, Charles discovered that no matter what he did, he could not remove the shirt from his rectum.
by Matthew Wolf August 26, 2008
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