SUGMA is a viral infection that stems from the BOFA tree of viruses. SUGMA is a rare development of LIGMA and has shown to be similar to other infections in the BOFA tree such as SUGANDESE, SU CON, and EETMA. At the time of this entry there have only been 2,000,000 recorded cases of SUGMA worldwide, the development is extremely rare and also extremely harmful to ones immune and reproductive systems. In the cases studied, Twitch Streamers, Fortnite players, furries, weebs, and cosplayers were shown to be carriers of the infection. It is strongly advised that you refrain from having verbal or physical contact with these groups until a proper cure is found. If you do come in contact with a carrier of SUGMA you can use SUGMA BALLS or SUGMA DICK to attempt to rid them on the infection, but note this treatment is still is still in development and is known to cause fatal side effects.
Carrier: "What's SUGMA?"

Friend: "SUGMA BALLS."

Carrier: *Commits not feel so good*
by Iliektrrains™ July 30, 2018
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A disease mainly carried by streamers somewhat similar to Ligma which took the life of fortnite streamer Ninja after he questioned it. Sugma instead infects people who believe in Ligma as many suggest

85% of humanity died of ligma for not believing it
15% of humanity died of sugma for believing ligma
sugma balls
i was diagnosed with sugma
by yeahbecusstuff July 24, 2018
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An extremely rare antibiotic-resistant strain of Ligma virus. Although non-lethal, Sugma is highly contagious due to its obscurity; the most successful defense against the virus to date is simply an awareness of its existence. Like all viruses in the Bofa family, Sugma is transmissible through both verbal and virtual communication.
Sugma carrier: I have Sugma.
Healthy individual aware of Sugma: I'm sorry for your loss.
Healthy individual, unaware of Sugma: What's Sugma?
Sugma carrier: Sugma balls bitch
by Than Oscar September 30, 2018
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I hear John came down with sugma.
What’s sugma?
Sugma nuts bitch.
by Limga November 30, 2018
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Sugma is a rare type of disease most commonly found in patients that have survived ligma. There are only two stages, : Infection stage and Death stage. Now sugma is easily treated but if not can prove deadly. Many people don't know this but one of the famous youtubers Jacksepticeye has been diagnosed with sugma.
Person 1: I heard Jacksepticeye survived ligma.
Person 2: Yeah he is gonna get SUGMA.
Person 3: Atleast its not so deadly.
by Non-Binary transgender person October 15, 2018
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A disease that ligma progresses into if the sufferer/fortnite player survives stage 4 ligma for several weeks. Symptoms include excessive masturbating lack of female interaction and an inability to lose their virginity many die within days of the diagnoses. But if this 12 year old lives long enough to hit puberty the disease will be cured. However this is very rare fatality's are in the hundreds of thousands, Ninja the greatest fortnite player of our time has succumb to ligma and it is rumored that Ali-A he recently been diagnosed with Sugma
Guy#1: Did you hear Jake's been diagnosed with sugma
Guy#2: Yeah its horrible the doctor said hes not gonna hit puberty for another decade
by BigBogDongers August 01, 2018
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