An overly verbose guy with freakishly big hands and a needledick. If you meet one of these, skeet all over his punkass.
Damn did you hear about sugar balls? Someone skeeted all over his punkass.
by DCuteness2000 June 27, 2007
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To ball outta control. When an absurd thing happens. When a Jiggaboo does something krazy. Slang originated from the city of Naples on the corner Alain Thenegus ST.
You see that shit? That was some Sugarballs shit nigga dawg!
by boozec April 20, 2009
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When a guy dips his balls in sugar and the girl licks it off
Joseph: "That bitch was so crazy she wanted to try out some sugar balls"
by ItBeginsHere June 13, 2018
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