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1. The ultimate definition of male beauty.

2. A very sexy, yet slightly geeky guy.

3. A cutie-bum/baby-bum/sexy-bum.

4. A british male with a large bottom.
Daaamn, you as hot as an Alain!

That Alain just swept me off my feet!

I wish I could have an Alain like yours!
by That One Hottie February 03, 2010
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A very sexy, yet slightly geeky guy with a cute bum. Can make boring stuff funny such as computer programs. Has a weird sense of humour that suprises many who think him quiet.
Alain, You sexy geek
by Sentimental February 11, 2010
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A lost emirate in the United Arab Emirates that happens to be invisible to most people.No one really cares about Al-Ain since it is not Dubai.
Ahmad: Hey do u want to go to Al Ain?
Rozy: What? Do you want to rape me or something?
Ahmad: No its part of the UAE
Rozy: I would much rather stay in civilization
by anonnymouscat33 January 13, 2011
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1)a total fuckhead
2)an act that involves the tying up of one's best friend, to make them watch you have sex with their girlfriend
1)Wow, look at that ginormous alain!
2)Dude, i totally got alained last night
by Gary Poes August 10, 2008
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A person who would date a gta v bike. A total fuck head and loves to skate. EMO ASF.
Yo Alain just kicked flip over his gta v bike.
by Cleanlean April 19, 2018
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Someone who rides motorcycles, is a dad to Bosco, has a lifted truck, and says "Mustard." Likely to throw some authentic pick up lines your way and occasionally will lick your face. Sexy as fuck.
I saw an Alain today, my life is complete.
by VictoriaAndTheGirls October 10, 2018
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