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Sugar Shack is a very high grade of marijuana known for its strong high. The name comes from the fact that it is covered in crystals and is very dank. The plant is sativa.
Buyer: Yo you got a deemo of that sugar shack?
Seller: For Sure, Here you go.
by 718phenom December 06, 2009
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A Prison term for the place the guards take you to, to engage in Gladitorial combat with a Shank Knife, or receive a wild beating. :D
Boyah, either you get yer cell cleaned up, or you get the Spilotro Special (head crushed in a vice) down at the Sugar Shack!
by Dreaded88 July 30, 2015
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According to the song, 'Sugar Shack' (1962 by Keith McCormack and Jimmy Torres), it is what "everybody calls" a certain beatnik hang-out. It's hard to say what the writers intention was, other than to evoke a kind of hip vibe to a rather pedestrian love song.

"Shack" is a nickname that was used for any kind of eatery, especially a roadside restaurant that might have a limited menu, like 'taco shack', 'burger shack', 'hotdog shack'; literally, a 'sugar shack' would sell sugar.

At the time 'Sugar' was also drug slang for heroin, perhaps because of it's white color.

In the song, the singer is infatuated with a 'girlie' who is a waitress in leotards and barefoot, who works at a shabby coffeehouse located 'beyond the tracks', suggesting a seedy area.

Heroin addicts at the time were known to frequent coffee houses rather than bars (because alcohol and heroin can lead to death from decreased heart rate). But it is unlikely that the writer was trying to disguise a heroin reference, but rather use the name as an all-knowing, hipster nod to the drug world. The use of the name in this way would be ironic -as a knowing (perhaps derogatory) term for a hang-out that also happened to attract heroin users, even though the management and help might merely be indifferent or tolerant of those addicts who had a natural attraction to such a place, just like cockroaches are drawn to a dirty sink.
You can understand why Ive got to get back to that sugar shack, whoa baby.
by easttexasp July 11, 2013
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Refers to a home where teenagers think they can hook up, hang out, give head/get head, engage in anal,oral or regular sex. Thinking that's acceptable with parents.
Dad: My house is not your sugar shack!

Teen: I didn't do anything wrong (naked with his girl) or. Pearl necklace on her neck.
by Fretzel December 21, 2017
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