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When a your friend goes on vacation and gives his/her house-keys to you, and you throw a party at their house which gets broken up by the police and causes over $5000 in damage. Can be done with or without an accomplice
Konrad: "Damn, you sure Sug'd that house pretty badly."
Annie: "Yeah, his parents want my family to pay $5000 for the damages. I knew I should never have given Caspar the extra key!"
by theGsun October 03, 2012
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term used by mainly southern women to compliment someone or to ease a harsh comment.
Hey sug, how are ya!?

sug, that looks so ugly.
by Jasmine Rannebarger January 17, 2009
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A BEAUTIFUL Woman that means So much to you that even your own life is set aside to accommodate her wants and needs, She is Your Sug!
Alicia is Charlie's Sug, he is always doing everything to try and please-Satisfy Her!!
by KinfOfBouncingBack May 17, 2016
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1. The SWC brand of sunglasses

2. A shortened form of Sunglasses, often associated with stylish shades.
I'm diggin them sugs you got on, son.
by Narojoku June 23, 2006
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A group in the Bay Area who lurk in their hood and sticker tag. Their symbol is a north star and colors are black and white. S.U.G stands for straight.up.goon
Look at those S.U.G's tryna be all shneeky nd pull a fast one on us.
by One Shot John September 21, 2011
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When confronted with an overall lack of comfort within a situation, Susan would often resort to giving herself a sug to calm herself down.
by Daltrey Townshend August 02, 2012
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