Stuck up town that will definitively get you somewhere in life though. Full of pretty, rich people who live along side the lowerclass. You're known here for looks or being good at a sport. Sports are everything, alongside with Bagel Boys. Every Friday night is either dedicated to football or hockey. Self defense shirts are slowly dying out since Biddy retired. Ugg slippers, a North Face vest and leggings are the go to outfit, but can be substituted for ripped jeans and Adidas superstars. Most girls sport either Snickerdoodle Iced Coffee, Starbucks, or Dunkin. People get high in the bathrooms and the highschool has no designated lunch spots. The guys never seem to wear pants, only shorts, and always high end brands. Nudes and drugs are sold, yet the highschool is one of the top in New York. If you have blonde hair and/or eyes that aren't green or brown, you're unique. The town is 20% Italian 25% Jewish 25% Hispanic 20% Italian 5% Black and 5% Asian. Cliques are very dominant, and there's no set group of '''popular''' people. Amazing hockey team. Mainly known for Grace Vanderwaal and great students, the pressure is high. Cuts for sports can even happen senior year and sports can completely change their reputation in a season (referred to as a "szn") There is a lot of competition, and most freshmen will have sex before sophomore year. Welcome to Suffern.
"Ugh we're gonna lose this hockey game tonight and never hear the end of it."
"Who are we playing?"
"Oh shit."
by aleskaaa March 14, 2017
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Town full of bagel stores and deli's. Quick to the thruway. These girls here never stop wearing tie dye!
"I'm in the mood for a bagel. " " Lets put on our tie dye shirts and drive around Suffern to pick which one."
by mountiegirl July 18, 2012
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A small piece of Rockland County. Contains next to nothing, besides a few strip malls. Downtown Suffern can also be referred to as "Little Mexico", as well as DTS. The schools in this town are crap, starting from the elementary schools.Suffern High School is infested with STDs, whores and people who are racially confused.
She's a whore? Oh, she lives in Suffern. That explains it.
by mememememe November 16, 2005
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Suffern is a small town in Rockland county. At the middle school high school all the white girls wear lulu lemon leggings ,hazel sweatshirts,Ugg boots and adidas sneakers as soon as the weather is nice for one day everyone wears shorts. The boys wear shorts everyday even in 7 degree weather. There is usually a group of girls who think they are better than everyone but be careful because they will take you down. Middle schoolers drink at parties but so do high schoolers. If you haven’t smoked weed yet and you go to Suffern you’re either lying or one of those rare people. Most people have witnessed people vaping or doing much worse in the bathrooms. People are super fake and drama is always a thing in Suffern. Suffern has a huge music department. And drama always happens off the stage during there musicals.
Person 1: have you heard what happened in Suffern.
Person 2: No, what happened ?

Person 1 : 2 kid got suspended for doing the dirty in the bathroom.

Person 2: well that’s Suffern for ya
by Someweirdo13 April 26, 2019
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White bitches- messy bun, lulu leggings, hazel/champion, college sweatshirts, or sweater with stars on it, those whack tie dye pants, air force ones, apple watch, hermes braclet and hella rings
white boyz- khakis, ultra boosts, champion sweatpants, tims, HOCKEY, varsity jackets, college sweatshirts

Also can we just mention that there is not one sinle good math teacher in all of suffern (except destasso)
Bro you coming to the football game tonight?

We have a football team??

by squid slayer 69 March 29, 2020
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Literally only known for Grace Vanderwaal and literally nothing else. Nothing else interesting has happend in this town... ever
Hey I visited my parents in Suffern
The home of Grace Vanderwaal
Oh Ok I like her song I don't know my name
by HtotheG19 December 29, 2016
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A bunch of wanna be good niggas.....pretty much it
Is that white boy throwing up crip?
Yea he a suffern nigga
by ii den September 27, 2019
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