a lesbian roomate, that does lots of odd jobs around the house
Sue-Sue fixed the lamp and it works great!
How come you didn't fix the dishwasher yet? Because not everyone has a sue-sue.
by Tangent_J December 18, 2008
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It’s the alternative spelling for suing but this one is better it makes more sense.
by qwerty285 March 2, 2019
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When somebody is upset about something, (or anything) they will sue another person. 85% of the time people will sue others for the stupidest reasons on the face of the Earth.

When someone "sues" another, it is usually done by somebody with a huge ego and greedy intentions.

Although it can help our society and solve problems amongst ourselves, too many people abuse this power. In the end, it becomes more childish then a kid throwing a temper tantrum in a toy store.

Betty sued the coffee house because she is an idiot.
by Stupidity strikes again August 16, 2005
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The most unbeleivable, incredibly beautiful, crazily lovable, stupidly clever, kind hearted girl you will ever meet. If you ever happen to come across and talk to this miracle of a person you will say 'bloody hell, she's every guy's dream. I wish i was in her pants right now' . And you know what, you don't have a chance cause she's mine. Muahahahaha.
Oh my god it's Sues, she's hot.
by Condog Mcdowell January 3, 2008
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A great mother and woman in general. Firm in her beliefs and stands up for what is right. Works hard for what they have and they deserve it.
I wish I were a sue like you.
by twistedstiches February 4, 2010
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a one headed 7 headed dragon. litteral translation means unstoppable.aincent greet term as a forgotten god.THAT SUEGOD WAS SO EVIL SHE WAS BANISHED FROM THE TITANS.zues:why cant we kill that sue?zues's wife:because she is suegod.no longer a court threat.now a death threat.jaime:hey what did you do sam?sam:i fucking sued him
ron tried and tried to slay the sue, but ron was killed instantly. watch out! its sue! call the national guard! o my sue, or what the fuck? also meaning what the sue? who was the missing titan?suegod ! that woman is so sue.whats with his mom? she is an evil woman.who's mom is that? satans.
by copout April 3, 2010
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Stupid User Error. A problem that is often first reported as a design flaw of a system, but is later found out to be caused by improper use. Usually in the context of computer systems.
I couldn't reproduce the bug, I think it must have been a SUE
by l33t haxor December 31, 2011
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