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When Somebody Always On You And Worried About What You Doin Instead Of Mindin They Own ! ( Mainly Used In D.C and Maryland )
1. Damn You Always Worried About What Im Doin Stop Suckin Me

2.Why You Always In My Business You Stay Suckin Me
by OmgBitchesStopSuckinMe November 18, 2010
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Allowing air to be sucked into one's anus and blown out as a fart.
"Dan the Farter" on the Howard Stern show can do suck-in's all day.
by Burns September 24, 2003
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When you arnet skinny but you wanna look skinny so you suck in your fat to make yourself appear to be skinny when you arnet
P1: omg gurl have you lost weight you are so skinny

P2: omg gurl no I haven’t I just suck in and it makes me look sooo skinny
by Skoobydoobiedoo April 02, 2019
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