When Somebody Always On You And Worried About What You Doin Instead Of Mindin They Own ! ( Mainly Used In D.C and Maryland )
1. Damn You Always Worried About What Im Doin Stop Suckin Me

2.Why You Always In My Business You Stay Suckin Me
by OmgBitchesStopSuckinMe November 18, 2010
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to hang out or do nothing.
bk: what you doing?
ad:nothing suckin' it, you?
bk:just sucked it with tall girl
by bkmixtasty May 21, 2008
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From a Northern Irelander:

"Suckin Diesel" should only be used to describe a situation which has recently improved.

The situation should have been so bad that little or no progress had been made for some time. It should only be said after an event or action which allows further progress to be made.
John: What are you doing Dave?
Dave: Trying to get my computer to work.
John: Been at it long?
Dave: yeah about 3 hours mate, I can't seem to get it switched on. Any ideas?
John: Have you tried plugging it in and flicking the switch on the wall??

(Dave plugs PC in and flicks switch. PC starts to boot up.)

Dave: "Ahhh...now we're Suckin Diesel!!"
by Flarkey August 26, 2004
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An act of sexual congress engaged by sluts who want a taste of the candy bar right after it has exited the rectum while it is still warm with flavor.
Damn that girl be suckin buttcock, as soon as you pull it out i am putting it in my mouth i love suckin buttcock.
by rediculouse z-train May 3, 2010
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When a woman or man allows another to pleasure their nipples with the use of skilled tongue movements.
Crystal wasnt fond of giving oral sex, but she never turned down a chance at suckin' the circles.
by Stevie Y January 20, 2005
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The act of consuming ice cubes at a bar or party once all available funds for drinks have been expended and ice cubes are the only available medium for refreshment.
by Cosmosis Jones January 19, 2007
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A state of one's selfbeing. Or an expression of good progression.
Very good, doing well.

(Thank u 2 Colin + Edith 4 improvin th english language!)
How's it goin?
- I'm suckin diesel!
How's that project comin along?
- It's suckin diesel!
by Sam Baynes July 17, 2004
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