a man or woman going steady and cheating at tha same time.
hey don't walk out on me what ever sucka. You ain't the only one.
by Baby Daddy September 23, 2006
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someone hatin' cuz they bitch on deez nutz
haha look at that sucka kissin them lips deez was on a minute ago
by snoopid December 11, 2003
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a name given to anyone when trying to flee from a scene, not black , gansta orgin, more white, suburbia orgin, somthing to call your friends
See yah later Sucka!!! Whats up Sucka??
by natalie July 15, 2003
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something rudy brito said to the band teacher after being told to "shut up"
the band teacher=Shut up before i send you outta here, thats your second strike
rudy= It was the first time sucka!
by thebestguyonearth December 28, 2003
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Every human that defiles the Gods.
They are 'Suckas' because they defile the Gods. Example - He has a tin heart; many other examples as well.
by The Gods of the universe November 28, 2019
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