Ken was a virgin, showering on his first nite of basic training at Lackland AFB. He was approached by his Drill sergeant and asked to let him suck Ken off. Ken was excited, let him but it got out of hand and Ken went all the way with the Drill sargent. Started wit Ken getting sucked ended with Ken getting fucked. Suck and fucked
by Easy airman March 29, 2019
Ken was a 18 yr old virgin at basic training, taking a shower. His drill instructor was also showering. Ken was asked by the instructor if he could suck the young airman off. Ken said yes after much debate. Soon the instructor and Ken went to far and went all the way.
It started with a suck and ended with a fuck. Suck and fuck
by Easy airman March 29, 2019
When you suck and fuck for money on the side or for pure enjoyment.

Can be used as a insult or a term of endearment (depends on how you say it).
1. "hey fuck you suck and fuck motorcycle gangs for a fucking living"

2. "you stupid suck and fuck"

3. "How about a little suck and Fuck"

4. "All those little fuckers are suck and fucks, they ain't shit but hoes and tricks"
by Based Rat December 28, 2021
A insulting command used in the greatest movie ever made, Donnie Darko.
elizabeth: "Why don't you suck a fuck"
donnie: "Tell me Elizabeth, how does one suck a fuck?"
elizabeth: "Do you want me to tell you?"
by Donnie Darko is my lover April 27, 2003
Amazingly awesome quote used by elizabeth(Maggie Gyllenhaal) in response to donnie(jake Gyllenhaal) calling her a fuckass in the movie Donnie Darko.
Donnie: your such a fuckass.
Elizabeth: did you just call me a fuckass? you can go suck a fuck!
by Mr. Gibbons March 23, 2008
n. A term used by promiscuous women/gays to describe sex with a dick. The guy attached to the dick is immaterial in this context as the fucking is most always a minor amusement that will soon be forgotten.

Suck the dick, make it hard. Stick it in, have some fun...
Veronica: Goin to a bar to bring back some suck and fuck, you wanna come?

Betty: No thanks. Archie is taking me to the movies!

Veronica: Yeuch. He's got a pencil dick and barely lasts a minute! You should come w/me instead...

Betty: Oh Veronica, you're so mean!
by mrbruno September 14, 2010