“Sucide” is the same fucking thing as “suicide” but with one letter missing.
by PenisMaster42 October 28, 2019
A temporary solution for all problems, listen human it's gonna be ok and work hard on it or move on ... Please 🥺 don't committee sucide for any reason.
Person: I'm feeling sucidal
Idiot: stop seeking attention
Person: no, I'm not.
Idiot: yeah you are seeking attention.
(After few months that person committees sucide)
Idiot: she/he/they never talked about their problems with me.
by Warm_grace August 23, 2021
Son: This world sucks, I rather commit sucide.
Mom: Go ahead! Who's stopping you?
by TravisRashawn November 16, 2006
Being so very incredibly happy that you just may explode!

thinking of being sucidal is normally followed up by saying that you’re getting married or having a child
Mary: Ive been felling sucidal lately

by Master Blobby March 21, 2018
The act of mixing baby blood and ammonia, and then drinking it. The term was coined by the legendary Zack Patnode.
I have a strong desire to commit sucide, so keep your newborn babies and stocks of ammonia away from me.
by Furious J December 29, 2005
the left lane or the lane with oncoming traffic of a two lane road. used for drag racing.
tommy took the sucide lane for the drag race since my cars faster.
by dvhgh bnb gfg October 18, 2005