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An attractive, female, undercover police-officer masquerading as a prostitute. The male variant is known as an Incubust.
No sooner had he paid the hooker than she flashed a badge and slapped cuffs on him. She was a Succubust.
by DCMyke September 06, 2009
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A lady of dubious looks and moral rectitude who's chest is in inverse proportions to her looks but that you would quite like to "do the dirty dance" with but only in your most disturbed dreams. An angel that someone set fire to her face and put it out with a spade.
I just can't help it Terry, She's such a succubust but after 8 pints and falling asleep, she keeps coming for me in my dreams, don't get me wrong the tits are great, its just when she keeps pushing her face into mine that I wake up in a cold sweat
by The Xmas Grinch January 13, 2015
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