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adj. Successful in obtaining sex
Rob: Yo Freddy I'll be back.
Freddy: Where you going?
Rob: Over to Megan's house...
Freddy: Damn bro you're hella succsexful; I wish I was like you
by Jay Smooove August 16, 2010
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Having successful sex which leaves both you and your partner satisfied.
My boyfriend and I had some really succsexful sex the other day. It was amazing.

Wanna go be succsexful again?
by MitchCory1anna December 09, 2017
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an adjective describing a man or woman who is attractive because of their success.

Girl 1: "Did you hear Jonathan got promoted?"
Girl 2: "Yeah, assistant regional manager."
Girl 1: "He is like, sooo succsexful now"


Tina Fey is a succsexful lady
by beanbeanbean February 07, 2009
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