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Subtards are anime watchers who spend more time complaining about the dubs of every show then watching subbed anime themselves.
Subtard: Ugh, God... they finally dub Toradora and THESE are the voices that they come up with? UGHHHHH I hate dubs...
by AnotherAnimeFanatic March 05, 2015
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Subtard {Adjective} or {Verb}

Subtard is someone who works at Subway the food chain who is often regarded as retarded.
OMG maddie why are you bringing me the bucket from under the sink, OMG you are such a subtard
by nobodybutmeee September 01, 2013
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People who watch anime in Japanese language where there are subtitles. They say English dubbed anime sounds off and ruin the anime. Some say in English dub anime there's not enough passion or effort put in voice acting.
I don't like watching anime in English dub, it sounds off!

If you watch anime in English dub, for you to be a true anime fan you have to be Subtards
by Quest June 17, 2018
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A subtard is like a leotard, but you wear it on your head.

Can also be used as an adjective to mean above-average.
"Will, we're gonna be so late. Just grab your subtard and let's go!"

"Wow, that was a real subtard performace, Mary. Way to go!"
by Mary Barry October 01, 2009
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