Same thing as doggy style, but when a girl has two braids and you use them like reigns.
I was fucking my girl horseback style, I had to get her to slow down so I don’t but, so I ripped back on the reigns.
by TheMachinistJokes April 27, 2020
The highest quality something can be.

I recall something that was in fact Awesome Style. It was 1983, November 14th, I was at a birthday party with my friends at a pizzeria. My friends and I got the idea to bully my little brother. We approached him, and began teasing him about the animatronics, I don't remember what we were talking about, however. We picked him up and marched him over to one of the animatronics. We began laughing and saying my little brother wants to give him a kiss. We stuck my little brother in the mouth of the animatronic, we began laughing. Before we knew it, the animatronic's mouth clamped down, caving in his head. We stopped laughing, left in shock, after realizing what we just did. My little brother may have been dead, because of me. My dad, the designer of the animatronics, went into a deep rage after this happened. He began staying up late into the night in his workshop. I don't know what he was doing. However, I had a hunch he was trying to revive my brother, he was able to do amazing things with "Bringing things to life." but I don't know how he would bring back my little brother. A few nights after the incident occurred, dubbed "The Bite of '83" a man with black hair, wearing a blue shirt barged into my room.

"WAS THAT THE BITE OF '87?" he said.

I responded, "No, it was the bite of '83"

"Awesome Style" he said.
Mark: Hey have you heard the story about what happened at that pizzeria in '83?

Matt: Yes, it was Awesome Style
by TubssieJr December 24, 2021
When a guy pees on the outside of thea toilet bowl so it doesn't make any noise. Its called pterodactyl style because the pee is silent.
You should always use pterodactyl style in public bathrooms.
by McSuperDo August 30, 2015
restaurant term describing an item "to go." referring to the basketball play "give and go."
"i need a ranch dressing nba style."
by simplicated April 18, 2008
A one to three floor apartment building usually without an elevator, or more accurately all the fun of living at the SPCA if it was conjoined with a middle-school band class.
I wanted to find a condo, but I'll keep living garden style until I'm driven mad by my neighbors saxophone solos.
by BTB9077 April 27, 2017
When a guy is fucking a girl and right when he busts a nut, she chops his fucking head off.
She was taller than him after they got done fucking preying mantis style.
by Solid Mantis June 16, 2019