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Stuti’s are amazing and wonderfully talented girls! They are extremely cute, pretty and hot! They can change anyone’s life with lots of love and happiness. But DO NOT get on their badside if you wanna get killed. They are the most loyal, kind, real, trustworthy, understanding, and fun in all kinds of ways, but also very secretive. If you have one of them, you are probably the most luckiest person. They laugh and also make you laugh until you cry happy tears and your stomach hurts, so they don’t deserve to be hurt. Find one of them and make your life joyful and amazing just like them.
“I met a girl named Stuti and she was the most amazing girl i have ever met before”

I would love to meet her sometime
by Capricornsayings May 07, 2018
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Funny, cute, kindhearted and a forever batman fan
That girl is so absolutely a stuti.
Look at all those batman fans!! So stuti i tell you
by shdedi October 18, 2013
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Woman with a great ass and who is owned by a pimp.
Guy1:That chick is a total Stuti!
Guy2: Man, she is Ishan's.
by Josef's K May 24, 2016
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