A person who is so smart that it's stupid. This phrase defines a level of intelligence that shouldn't be possible or a level of intelligence and wisdom that is very rare. This phrase does not just define a person who thinks outside of the box, but it defines someone who goes a level beyond that which breaks the conventional thought pattern of human wisdom.

A lot of people misuse this word and think that it means a person who is stupid that tries to act smart, but that's not what this phrase means. The reason 'stupid' goes before 'smart' is because it enhances the word smart. There are levels of smart like: very smart, insanely smart, and finally stupid smart. Since stupid is the polar opposite of smart it means that the phrase "stupid smart" is the highest level of smart that exists as a phrase.
Damon has an IQ of 300, that guy stupid-smart.

Cassandra is stupid-smart, she just discovered how to solve every manmade problem since creation of time.
by IzayaOrihara May 15, 2020
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When a person is smart but also has stupid tendencies.
My friend is stupid-smart, he knows how to spell intelligent words, but can't make a sandwich.
by MelTheWeeb October 8, 2021
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Someone who tries to sound educated but comes off sounding like they're trying too hard
John said, "I'm so indigence, that I can't even pay attention !"
Fred said, "Well, now you just stupid-smart."
by http://twitter.com/JeffBussey September 5, 2009
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A hi-tech "smart" phone that annoys the hell out of its owner due to regular glitches, poor service, and other shortcomings in its craftsmanship.
"My iPhone 4 just sent out a "Goodnight, I love you babe" mass text to everybody on my contacts list even though i only selected my girlfriend as the recipient. Stupid-smart phone.

I now rely on the stars when traveling, instead of my GPS app, stupid-smart phone"
by Dylan684 September 7, 2010
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The intelligence version of "skinny-fat". It is used for people who think they are really smart, but are actually fucking stupid.
I spent 6 hours calling 25 different veterinarians to find the "best" price for my cats spay and saved $25! I just need to drive to a different state.

Way to go, you're "smart-stupid".
by bluebananadogs June 4, 2015
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