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1. Cramming a whole load of academic material in a limited amount of time in addition to assignments, more assignments, clinicals, pbl, practicals....

2. Claiming that we were only sponsored to pursue a course when we get ACCEPTED in a university of THEIR CHOICE...when actually we WERE already sponsored.

3. Scaring people when you are holding a HOT cup of coffee.

4. Not posting up lecture notes because medical students don't need to sit for exams (they just REALLY LIKE going to the exam hall) since the people in charge of putting it up want to become doctors

5. HURDLES....

6. 15 mins before lecture ends and there are like 40 slides left, they give one-sentenced talks...(Could have done that from the start right?)

7. Lectures on Ethics..JUST in case you want to do RESEARCH in the future...LIKE SERIOUSLY?????

8. lectures in 6-0-0-7..BODOH KA??? year 2 > year 1
that LT is soooo BIG..

9. FREE car park and PAID car park....

10. Faculty of Medicine ; loads of lectures per week ; 136 students ; ONE FUCKING PRINTER? that gets jammed most of the time
Hi Where r u studying now?
>>> MUStupeedC
by DK2012 March 23, 2012
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