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Inebriated due to drinking large amounts of alcohol. Otherwise known as being drunk.
"Who's ready to get stung tonight!!!???"

"I drank a bottle of vodka and I'm so stung!"

"I spent too much money, but at least I got stung."
by J to da Money March 29, 2009
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To be "stung" is when a band or artist stops being loud and kickass and turns into a soft, melodic sounding band.

The phrase comes from the artist Sting, the ex-lead singer of The Police. He went from being punk and cool to a soft sounding pussy.
Sting was stung when he went solo.
by psychonirvanafan April 05, 2010
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A slang term applied to one has developed a serious addiction to drugs.
Paul: "I've been snorting blow and popping Xanax everyday for 2 years now, I think I need to go to rehab."

Jim: "oh yeah, you've been stung!"
by Lil' Ahnotthebees!!! January 22, 2018
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It is a mix between a hangover and being stoned. When you have after effects of being stoned you're stung.
"why are you spacing out so much today man?" "oh shit sorry dude i'm really stung right now, i smoked 5 minutes before i went to sleep."
by Farlow April 28, 2006
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