The act of shaving ones pubes and stuffing them vaginally or anally into ones counter-part, proceeded by boning the shit out of them.
Sally wanted a nice romantic night, so I stuffed animaled her, she hasn't called since.
by Kicker07 November 2, 2006
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The act of a pet ripping out all the stuffing from a stuffed animal, leaving the outside skin left behind.

Ripping open a stuffed animal to get to the squeaker inside, leaving the stuffing splattered around the now empty body.
soulless stuffed animal:
"dude what is with the soulless stuffed animal over there?"
"I think my dog was contracted by the devil or something to rip out everything they consist of and eat there little squeaker hearts..."
"Do you think the squeaks are stuffed animal screams..."
by Stuffed Animal Gag Order December 3, 2010
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Is amused can amuse using stuffed animals. Also may be a funny person in general. Probably has a funny ass social media profile as one.
“Hey did you see Gio with those stuff bunnies?”
“He’s obviously sick cause he’s making them fuck...”
“Probably has stuffed animal syndrome.”
by Ekpundek March 9, 2019
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the "taking things slow" approach in romantic relationships
We didn't know each other very well; therefore, we took the stuffed animal route.
by iheartfosse October 15, 2008
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nickname from NFL Player Andre Ellington for Jordan Thomas Cooper
The Stuffed Animal was a morning news host for Cross Elementary School in kindergarten.
by Coop Dupe January 10, 2020
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