Hey Billy what are you doing?

I'm studing, man. Don't bother me when I stud.
by bbbc April 28, 2004
1. one that appears as a t-rex.

2. can't get a job -never willl

3. can't get enough of saying "whats weed?"

4. and "what'd you say faggot? what, your gay? i know"

5. wears south pole one day element the next.

6. overweight as a child.

7. enjoys petting rabbits. -then eats them.

8. gages ears with legos.

9. former gd member.

10. only fucks girls wearing shirts.
That kid's pigeon-toed. Oh wait, its Studee.

Do't be a Studee, it's embaressing.

That kid runs like a Studee. What a faggot.
by Adam Zappel November 15, 2008
An individual who is both stupid and rude. Well befits immature males as it evokes, "dude."
Wait! You mean he apologized for dissing you and then commented on your grammar in a facebook post?

Yeah! And my usage was perfectly correct.

What a stude!
by GnaomiVelopunk September 11, 2010
The most important word in the Studeanguage which was created at the RedBox outside Jewel. It can be used in any context to descibe just about anything
Its A Stude....

by Studeanguage April 29, 2009
The most loyal dude. There is always the one person you would least expect that saves your ass... this person is amazing.
Aaron Pierce from 24 is the most loyal dude. Just like a mighty steed, he always has your back. A loyal stude.
by hydrobrew October 3, 2009
A red headed guy named Steve, who likes to call everyone he meets DUDE!.
Hey Stude, grab that 2x4 and bring it over here!
by GABHHO April 21, 2009