The slash pairing of Steve Rogers (Captain America) and James "Bucky" Barnes (The Winter Soldier). From what I've seen it's a very popular ship among the Avengers fandom.
Stucky is my otp, why can't it be canon?!
by striderstairs July 05, 2014
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The ship name of Steve Rogers and James Buchanan Barnes. The best ship in the MCU.
Person one : hey do you like seve and Bucky together?
Person two : yes, I ship stucky.

Person one : good stucky is way better than staron.
by Skyler Hale July 03, 2016
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A road or track bicycle that is set up as a single-speed (as opposed to fixed-gear).

While stuckies are safer and more practical than fixies for most uran riding applications, they carry a significant hipster street-cred penalty.
"Nice stucky, you poser."

"Go fuck yourself, scenester."
by Stucky Life September 18, 2009
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something that should have been real.
ship between bucky barnes and steve rogers (marvel)
stucky is the best ship in the mcu.
by truthsp3aker March 15, 2021
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A Starling (Bird) particularly used in west / central Scotland
Theres a Stuckie roosting in those trees.
by phendrixx August 30, 2008
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