a beautiful human being that is so perfect he is often mistaken for god himself. known for playing captain america
"this isn't freedom, it's fear. we are holding a gun to every citizens head and calling it security." - Steve Rogers
by buckaye March 13, 2015
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the russos made this man leave his pal for peggy carter. completely destroying his character arc.
bucky barnes to steve rogers: "im with you til the end of the line pal."
the russos: sIKE
by strongestavenger06 July 17, 2019
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friend 1: who’s the best character in the mcu?
friend 2: steve rogers is the only correct answer!
by amandakc March 25, 2021
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a fucking sexy beast. a real daddy and a half. we love steve. oh yeah he also saves the world and has the best american ass so yah WE LOVE AMERICA
'steve rogers omg ur so hot' 'that is america's ass'
by lizziesparkl4444 May 4, 2019
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