One of the most influential figures of internet cartoons. also the inventor of such characters as Trogdor and the award-winning independant comic: "Teen Girl Squad"
-I totally love Strongbad. He's my idol
by Takezo November 16, 2003
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an internet catoon character on he is the most influncial character on the internet today. He answers e-mails from fans weekly and makes fun of their bad grammer. He is also the creator of Trodgor, Teen Girl Squad, and Stinkoman. He has his very own The Cheat. and often beats up homestarrunner and, his brother, Strong Sad
Strongbad created Trogdor, the best dragon ever.
by Jacob September 3, 2004
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a mean mofo who will never hesitate to give you the deuce or the more powerful, patented "Double Deuce"
"Hey Strongbad, what ya got there behind your back?"
"A single deuce? Deuce."
by Homsar May 7, 2003
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The resident pain in the arse on He is the creator of Trogdor, Teen Girl Squad, and many other memorable cartoons. His accomplices are The Cheat and Strongmad and his main goal in life is to make Homestar's life as miserable as possible. He also enjoys long walks on the beach and hanging out with the ladies.
by Anonymous May 5, 2003
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creator of TROGDOR!!!! the dragon who comes in the NNNNNiiiIIIIiiiiGGGGggggHHHHhhhTTTTttttt!!!!! also installed a lightswitch for the cheat.
Dear StrongBad,

can you draw a dragon? i want to see your skills of an artist.

Your Friend,
(insert name here)
by Anonymous October 27, 2003
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