The act of sticking up both middle fingers instead of just one, usually for added emphasis on the unspoken "fuck you" message.
In R is for Road Rage: "When one barrel just isn't enough, let loose with both arms to let them know you think they're especially big shit stabbers. An unintended side effect of the double deuce is that you will lose complete control of your car, so you'll swerve back and forth wildly for added effect."
-Maddox, The Alphabet of Manliness
by Damn anonymous June 24, 2006
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When you take a crap, wipe up, and just as you walk out of the bathroom you must turn around and take another crap.
Friend: "what took you so long"
You: "I thought i was done five minutes ago, but it turned into a double deuce"
by Jijjiii June 21, 2009
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Phrase indicative of Stinkoman. The double deuce is his ultimate attack.
Stinkoman used the double deuce in 20X6 in his ultimate battle with the Homestar Runner.
How do you do that dance?
by Justin Morrow/Eric Severson March 27, 2003
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When a man has to take a shit, taking up the toilet stall, and another man has to go so bad that, forgoing his heterosexuality, he sits on the other man's lap and takes a shit between his legs.

A dirty double deuce is when both guys have diarrhea and the first guy's dick is covered in shit after.
This guy totally took a shit in my lap while I was taking a shit.

Awwww snapdragon, you got double deuced.
by Shitty_Ballz January 14, 2012
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Huge 12k person max tournament on Full Tilt poker with a 200k prize pool. First place is usually around 35k , buy in is 22 dollars.

"Just bring 22 dollars and a dream."

I busted out of the double deuce 8654th, I am such a donkey.
by Sibe February 15, 2009
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