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stroked... same as ripped off
I wouldn't buy anything off these forums, been stroked once here and been stroked once on e-bay. Will come back and haunt the mofos though!
by Shodan December 27, 2004
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A northern Irish word for somebody being put down, or for somebody getting "one up" on the other.
Person 1 :"Here your fat."
Person 2:"I may be fat but I can lose weight, your just plain ugly."

Person 1: " Aw you stroked me something shocking"
by xxspratt_the_brattxx March 29, 2009
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Northern Irish slang meaning to be proved wrong or rebuked.
Man 1: "Jump that fence"
Man 2: "No there's guard dogs on the other side!"
Man 1: "No theres not I've jumped this fence loads of times, so that's where your stroked."
by jamawabbadin November 07, 2010
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