stroked... same as ripped off
I wouldn't buy anything off these forums, been stroked once here and been stroked once on e-bay. Will come back and haunt the mofos though!
by Shodan December 27, 2005
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Northern Irish slang meaning to be proved wrong or rebuked.
Man 1: "Jump that fence"
Man 2: "No there's guard dogs on the other side!"
Man 1: "No theres not I've jumped this fence loads of times, so that's where your stroked."
by jamawabbadin November 7, 2010
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It means oh that’s deep or deadass or over it.
Bitch I’m stroked
Mel and Maya are stroked
by Lollolol July 20, 2018
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When a guy masturbates at the stroke of midnight. A sad event when the man should be doing something more worth his time.
Fred: Hey, shouldn't Kermit be celebrating NYE with us tonight?
Joe Joe: Meh, I bet you he'll be stroking on the stroke.

Jane: Hey what did you and Kermit do for Valentine's?
Alexa: I went out with the girls, I bet the poor guy was stroking on the stroke.
by mong returns January 10, 2012
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Music that began the original rock music that we now love and cherishfinally. Spastic guitars that blend to make one melodic sound, steady and fact drum beats that create the backbone of the music, smooth basslines that keep you awake while wondering what the hell the bassist is thinking about, and a voice that makes you want to fuck. and then fuck some more.
I am listening to the strokes, ie sex.
by Cin September 25, 2003
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A brilliant band who brought about the garage punk/rock revolution. Ahh... The Strokes are not British.
by C December 14, 2003
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The strokes.
A great band, intelligent guys who decided not to do what the rest of the bands are doing, but rather they gathered a little from everything and created a unique and fresh sound. And a great style.
Ok, this is not rock & roll..actually, you can´t call it anything...they ARE a new genre by themselves, despite what some people say.
So, yeah! bring back rock & roll! and let The Strokes keep doing the great music they do.
That´s all I have to say.
Julian Casablancas is the sexiest & cutiest guy out there right now...will they ever come down to Southamerica??
I´ll be their interpreter more than happy!!!
by Barbar February 1, 2004
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